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What Are Microchips?

Microchips are a type of Radio Frequency Identification Device (or RFID device). They are approximately the size of a grain of rice (see photo below) and safe to use on your pets for identification purposes. Your vet implants the mircochip in your pet cat or dog with a sterile implantation device in the soft scruff of the neck. It is an extremely common and safe procedure.

Microchipping - a pet microchip next to a paperclip

A photo of a microchip next to a paper clip.

Some Australian States Now Enforce Mandatory Microchipping

You must get your pet microchipped at an authorised implanter, such as Maroochydore Vet. There are several types of microchips and registration services in Australia. However, we recommend the National Pet Register. Please note we strongly recommend every animal wear two types of identification, both a National Pet Register tag and microchip. All animals microchipped by an authorised National Pet Register agent will also receive a free tag. Please note that tag registration and microchip registration with the National Pet Register is not the same as council registration. This will have to be done separately. Please contact your local council for more information. Council registration around Maroochydore: Sunshine Coast Council registration

Microchipping at Maroochydore Vet

Maroochydore Vet offers a range of microchipping services for both dogs and cats. We also work with a number of local charities and rescue shelters to ensure that any animals they rehome are microchipped. Please call us or fill out our online enquiry form for more information.