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Maroochy Paws Club – FAQs

Is having Maroochy Paws Club membership the same as having pet insurance? No. Pet health insurance covers unexpected veterinary costs resulting from illness and accidental injuries. Our club is designed to help you save by spreading the cost of preventative routine pet care across aordable monthly payments. Where can I use my Maroochy Paws Club membership benefits? You can only redeem your Maroochy Paws Club membership benefts at Maroochydore Veterinary Surgery, located at 29 Maud Street, Maroochydore, QLD 4558. Is there a discount if I have more than one animal? No, there is no discount for subsequent animals. Can I transfer my membership from one pet to another pet? No. Each Maroochy Paws Club membership becomes tailored to the named pet and therefore we cannot transfer memberships between pets. Can I use membership benefits from one pet to cover treatments for another pet? No. The benets of each Maroochy Paws Club membership can only be used for the pet in whose name the membership is in. Can I join for less than 12 months? No. The membership has been designed over a 12-month period in order for your pet to fully benet from it. Can I really visit as many times as I want? Yes, you can visit as many times as necessary, as long as the appointments are booked in with a vet or nurse during normal practice hours between Monday and Saturday and subject to our Fair Use Policy (see the full terms and conditions for more details). My animal needs a number of revisits, are these still free? Yes, the cost of the revisit consultation is still free, however you will still be required to pay for any additional treatments, tests or medications, if required. Is there a waiting period before I can have my first free consultation? There are no waiting periods for consultations. Some waiting periods may apply for other benefits. How much does membership cost for my dog? Fees start at $55 each month for puppies and for small dogs, and increase slightly for larger dogs. How do I sign up my dog to the Maroochy Paws Club? You can subscribe online by clicking on this link. What happens if I cancel my plan? You can cancel your plan at any time within the rst 30 days of joining and are entitled to a full refund of fees paid (less the value of any services or discounts received in that period). How long does my dog’s membership last? You must sign up to the club for a minimum of 12 months (including the 30-day cooling o period). Your membership will automatically renew at the end of 12 months unless you cancel your membership in writing within 30 days of the renewal date.