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The Maroochy Paws Club – Dog Membership

The Maroochy Paws Club is an all-inclusive pro-active health care program that helps you save by spreading the cost of routine vet care across affordable monthly payments. The key Maroochy Paws Club inclusions are:
  • Unlimited consultations and rechecks, so you can visit your clinic as often as you need,
  • Annual vaccination & heartworm injection, so you know your pet’s health is protected,
  • Annual blood & urine screening to help pick up on illnesses as early as possible,
  • All recommended parasite prevention (flea, tick & worming) picked up from the clinic, and
  • An annual dental scale and polish, to help avoid dental pain and tooth loss.

Club Inclusions – Dogs & Puppies (<6 months)

  • Unlimited consultations with a vet or nurse
  • Annual core vaccinations & heartworm injection (adults only)
  • Core puppy vaccinations & heartworm injection (puppies only)
  • All recommended core parasite control (flea, tick & worm)
  • An annual dental scale & polish (adults only)
  • $150 credit towards desexing (puppies only)
  • Annual urinalysis & parasite test (if required)
  • Unlimited nail clips (excluding sedation)
  • Unlimited tablet/medicine administration
  • Microchipping and lifelong registration
  • Annual blood screen or pre-anaesthetic blood test

Maroochy Paws Club – Plan Options

Maroochy Paws Club Plan Monthly fee
Puppy plan (less than 6 months old) $55
Small Dog Plan (weight 0-20kg) $55
Large Dog Plan (weight 20-40kg) $60
X-Large Dog Plan (weight 40kg+) $65

Maroochy Paws Club – Join Today

Join the Maroochy Paws Club online by following this link: sign up today.