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Winter Health Check Package – $99

Dog and Cat Health Check

Is your pet not quite right or feeling unwell? Or are they limping or feeling more stiff this winter? Are you noticing them slowing down, or looking under the weather?

Then book them in for our winter health check for $99. Our winter health check includes a comprehensive physical examination, in-house blood test, joint assessment and a treatment plan (if required).

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Can my dog/cat get the flu?

Sick Dog

With this time of year comes flu season and one of the most common questions we get asked is “can my dog/cat catch the flu?”

The correct answer is yes – but it’s a little different to the human equivalent. Dogs can contract Canine Cough (Kennel Cough) and cats can get Cat Flu. Also unlike humans, there is no flu season, as such. Instead, infection can occur all year round.

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Senior Pets During Winter

Senior Dog

Our Practice Manager Zoe’s dog “Duke” (a regular star of this blog) recently had his senior health profile performed and passed with excellent results! It has been great seeing so many of our golden oldies coming into the clinic over the past few weeks as these reminders have gone out.

A vital part of these senior check ups is the blood and urine testing that we perform which gives us much more information than we can gleam from just a physical exam.

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Osteoarthritis (Arthritis) in Winter Months

Cat in red coat

As the days get shorter and the temperature cools down, this is a good opportunity to look at how your pets’ joint health is going. Just like with humans, animals can suffer with osteoarthritis, which can often be worse in winter.

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